Saturday, November 6, 2010

Chapter Two


Brian and i spent hours today, just driving from place to place, looking for sugar gum. for many years now, when i wake from a couch nap it is with an awful yuck taste in my mouth. a sour, earthy taste that will not be cowed by mouthwash or tooth brushings.

i eat some  raw cauliflower, to scrape what of the yuck i can from my teeth, at least, and drink any number of liquids, but the taste persists. since i have been steadily on the early day shift now, i am all the more prone to couch naps, and as determined to battle the taste.

i happen meanwhile, to loathe mint. plus, i am allergic to artificial sweeteners, so a good, mint-free sugar gum is my bet. 

we looked today many places for Big Red: spicy, and free of Asperteme, hell, Big Red might just burn the taste out. except, no place had Big Red. there were so many gums, rows and rows everyplace we shopped.

i found Juicyfruit but when i showed it to Brian he just said, “you hate Juicyfruit.”

one guy working at CVS told me he had never heard of Big Red.

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